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sahil cricket academy

Leading Cricket training center which fostering mental and physical strength. We feel that sports are one of the most important parts of life. And in our country, the craving of people towards cricket is seen at a different level. Whether it is rural cricket or urban cricket, every person has a different emotions and passion for cricket.we have created a Cricket Academy in which the players should be professionally prepared.we strongly believe that Sports can make a huge positive impact in our individual life and our society overall.

Before we forget to mention that the product of all these is a good health, disciplined life and a peaceful mind.Understand the importance of outdoor sports in each person's life. We are one of the leading academies in the vicinity and are very happy to be one of the recreational places in the city. We not only fulfill the children who want to make sports a career choice, but also for those who are looking forward to our daily sporting needs. We provide coaching for cricket, fitness, yoga and meditation through our professional trainers. Our grounds are taken on the basis of hourly rental for cricket schools, colleges and corporate events.

FacilityFacility offered by academy

  • Our Academy started in 2016.
  • 6-24 boys and girls can join training.
  • Regular trainees are given t-shirts, lower and provided by the Academy.
  • 3 truf wickets and 2 cement wickets are available in our academy .
  • States and national levels from our academies also participate in the game.
  • Our academy also does motivation for diet and physical fitness.
  • Summer camp and regular training are given by the Academy.
  • During training, running, exercise, practice, yoga is taught.
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6-24 children

T-shirts, lower

3 truf wickets

participate National levels

Physical fitness

Summer camp


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Oppo. B.T.I Ground,Beside,Ashoka tower,Shiri Ram Nagar,Shankar Nagar,Raipur